BinaryDOM / TextDOM Common API

There are several classes and definitions that are shared between BinaryDOM and TextDOM parts of library.

Class FileManager

public static class FileManager

This is a service class for filenames and folders location management. Also, it contains settings for internal file operations.
Constructor Parameters Description
static FileManager None Initializes FileManager with default values.
Property Type Description
static Valid bool, get only Returns true if file manager initialized successfully.
static TempPath string, get/set Get/Set a path for temporary file which will be used by BinaryDOM library.
Default is a temp path for current user.
static PreswapSize long, get/set Get/Set size of data which could be stored in memory in BinStorage objects and BinValueArray objects. If these objects contain more data, their contents will be stored in swapfiles in TempPath folder.
Default value is 65536.
static PremapSize long, get/set Get/Set size of data which could be stored in memory in BinStorage objects and BinValueArray objects instead of mapping to source file.
Default value is 4096.
Method Parameters Description
static GetFileName FileLocation loc, string name, returns string Constructs a filename from the location path and name of a file.
static GetFolder FileLocation loc, returns string Gets a standard location path.

Class Licenser

public static class Licenser

This is a service class for license management.
Your application can check current license status, obtain license information, or register BinaryDOM library.
To check a license status, you do not have to call CheckLicense. Instead, just query Licensed or LicenseStatus properties.
Property Type Description
static Licensed bool, get only Returns true if library is registered or trial period is not expired yet.
static Status LicenseStatus, get only Returns status of license check.
static LicenseInfo LicenseInformation?, get only Returns license information or null if error occurred.
Method Parameters Description
static RegNow string name, string key, returns bool Tries to register a library with provided registration information and returns true on success, or false if registration attempt failed.

Structure LicenseInformation

public struct LicenseInformation

Provides BinaryDOM library license information.
Contains detailed license information if library is registered.
Member Description
LicenseType License Type of license.
string UserName Name of user.

Enumeration FileLocation

public enum FileLocation

Represents standard locations for BinaryDOM library files.
Member Description
LOC_ROOT Root folder of BinaryDOM storage.
LOC_BINSCHEMAS Folder where "standard" set of binary schemas is stored.
LOC_TEXTSCHEMAS Folder where "standard" set of text schemas is stored.
LOC_INCLUDES Folder where schema include files will be loaded from if path is not specified.
LOC_PLUGINS Folder where BinaryDOM will load filter or function plug-ins from.

Enumeration LicenseStatus

public enum LicenseStatus

Represents a result of license status.
Member Description
Unchecked Initial state. Should not happen.
Registered Library is registered.
Unregistered Library is unregistered yet.
Expired Trial period is expired.
Error Error occurred while the library tried to retrieve registration information.

Enumeration LicenseType

public enum LicenseType

Represents a type of license.
Member Description
Individual Registered (or unregistered yet) for individual use.
Education Registered for qualified educational institution.
Business Registered for business or non-profit organization user.

Enumeration SeverityType

public enum SeverityType

Provides information about severity of validation error.
Member Description
Error The message is an error.
Warning The message is a warning.
Info The message is informational, exception provided only as a containter of information.
Debug The is debug message, exception provided only as a containter of information.

Enumeration NodeOrder

public enum BinNodeOrder

Represents relative position between nodes.
Member Description
After The current node of this navigator is after the current node of the provided navigator.
Before The current node of this navigator is before the current node of the provided navigator.
Same The two navigators are positioned on the same node.
Unknown Relative order of the nodes cannot be determined. This could happen if two nodes belong to different documents.

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